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Meet Nancy




Forever Stylist


Your Forever Stylist

Hi!  Oh my gosh I'm SO excited to meet you!  I'm Nancy!  A few important things you should know about me:  I live with my family and my dogs!  I have two sons and a daughter.  They're officially adults so I am now an empty Nester! Thank goodness I still have my sweet fur-babies to keep me company - BonBon is my 14 year old cockapoo, Dino, Venom, Luna & Celeste are my Yorkie Babies, and the newest edition is Nova our 6 month old Chihuahua. I absolutely adore them! Don't worry, I'll share all the details about them when you visit.

"I can do all of it 
because I work with all of it!"

When I'm not at the salon creating incredible hair, you can bet I'm home dealing with these kids and fur babies! 

In a world so diverse, and especially in this city, I am a proud Latina from El Salvador. I am bilingual, which is an incredible asset to cater to both Spanish and English speaking women who are looking for my services. Some people may say I'm a bit headstrong and dramatic, and I may be a bit, but it provides a lot of laughter during our time together!  My diversity and working with so many people and cultures, gives me the ability to specialize in blonding on ALL types of hair- fine, thin, thick, coarse, black to semi-blonde.

Up for any Challenge!

One of the things that has worked so well for me in this career is the ability to adjust and adapt to any city and anyone. I've traveled the United States as a US Navy wife for 12 years. I was a stay at home mom when my children were small, and as they got older and started school I became a hairstylist when we moved to Florida.  Since becoming a stylist in Florida, I've worked in countless states and cities, in many diverse areas, with many different brands, and built a wonderful clientele each time. I hated leaving my clients every time we had to move. Each and every time was a new "goodbye" and not fun.  Yet it gave me the ability to be fluid and make adjustments to all aspects of life, which has served me well in accommodating all of my guests. This is one of the biggest reasons I would love to work with you!  I have seen it all and done it all, or at least most of it!  And this equips me to take on any challenge you present me with your hair, and the as needed therapy session (just kidding!)

Meet Diamond!

Your Forever Stylist

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to meet you!  I’m new to Houston and I’ve been enjoying everything about living here, especially the people. The culture and diversity here is one of a kind, which I LOVE. I grew up in Missouri, but being able to travel and be exposed to other languages, walks of life, and foods has been an incredible experience. My favorite place I’ve lived is, Kurdistan.

Speaking of Kurdistan- kurdish food. On my days off, I’m generally experimenting with authentic dishes or baking confections with my kids, Ivy and Arrow. Aside from cooking we love to have dance parties and impromptu roads trips. We spend a lot of time looking for our next adventure! 

"Specializing in customized color tailored to your needs. "

Having these wonderful experiences hasn’t just given me a love for the culture, food, etc... It’s also put me in a position to learn so many things about ALL hair types and textures.  To me hair isn’t just about how you look, it’s also how you feel. My goal as a hairstylist is to make you look and feel like the best version of yourself. Whatever that may be! I love using color and style to boost confidence. Want to cover grey? Make a dramatic change? Spice up your current color with a few highlights or shine glaze? I’ve got you.

I am also certified to teach classes for Look Good Feel Better. It’s a program for cancer patients that teaches them about fitting and wearing wigs and how to apply make up. 

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